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The IBU-tec Group

Specialized Products and Services

Since 2018, BNT and IBU-tec have formed a consortium of companies with wet chemical processes on one side and thermal calcination and drying processes on the other. This combination makes it possible to work a wider spectrum of the value chain – making both companies better suppliers and service partners, with significantly expanded opportunities for customers.

As a leading specialist in rotary kilns, pulsation reactors and thermal process engineering, in general IBU-tec is an independent service provider for the chemical industry with services ranging from process development and scale-up tests to industrial contract manufacturing. Over 40 years of experience have given us extensive know-how, in a variety of areas including, the processing of battery materials, rare earths, high-performance ceramics and (precious metal) catalyst.

IBU-tec Services

Feasibility studies and Laboratory Trials

Equipment for Various Trial Sizes and Process Conditions

Production in Rotary Kilns and Pulsation Reactors

Support for Client Plants