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Excellence in Organometallics: Substances and Processes

Many years of experience in processing challenging raw materials into complex chemicals forms the foundation of BNT’s know-how. We bring this expertise into all the goods and services we support – from high quality, standard and specialty products to supporting the development of synthetic processes specifically tailored to customer needs.

Wet Chemical Syntheses

In wet chemical synthesis, a compound is produced from liquid reactants or reactants dissolved in a liquid phase.

Purification and Separation Processes

In separation processes, the different chemical and physical properties of mixed substances are used in order to separate them from one another – In other words to purify them.

Drying – Processes and Procedures

Drying processes cover the removal of undesirable liquid components from a product – by evaporation, drying agents or other technical and chemical processes.

Organotin Chemistry

Comprehensive experience with materials, processes and the handling of tin compounds. BNT is a rare expert in this essential field of chemistry.

Container Glass Coatings

Continuous improvement of our glass coating products as well as expert audits to ensure an efficient and stable production line.

Organometallic compounds

The knowledge and required permits, as well as the capacities to manufacture complex products or simply to support customers in their own projects.

Catalyst Production

Reactivity and quality are influenced by numerous parameters. At BNT we put the process requirements first when supporting your catalyst needs.