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Dimethyltin Laurylmercaptide

Catalyst for Various Polyurethane Foams and Other Applications

Dimethyltin laurylmercaptide (DMTLM) is an organotin catalyst and stabilizer. The colorless to pale yellow liquid has a typical odor and is soluble in most organic solvents but completely insoluble in water. It offers particularly good hydrolytic stability.

It is used as a catalyst for rigid polyurethane foams, molded foams, flexible hybrid urethane foams and water-based 2-component polyurethanes. In some foamed polyurethanes it is employed as an activator component in combination with other catalysts.

DMTLM can also be used for the catalysis of microcellular elastomers, in rigid PVC materials or to stabilize organic polymers.


Dimethyltin Laurylmercaptide



BNT Produktname



Dimethyltin lauryl mercaptide
Dimethyltin bis (laurylmercaptide)
Dimethyltinbis laurylmercaptide

Transport and Storage

Dimethyltin laurylmercaptide is supplied in polyethylene drums or in 220-liter plastic spundhole barrels. If the original packaging remains unopened, it can be stored for at least 6 months without any deviation in quality.