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Dimethyltin Dineodecanoate

Highly Active All-Round Catalyst and Stabilizer

Dimethyltin dineodecanoate is an organotin compound – a highly viscous liquid with a very characteristic odor. As a highly active all-round catalyst, it is used for the production of rigid polyurethane foams, flexible hybrid urethane foams and microcellular polyurethane elastomers. It is thus an important component of adhesives, casting resins and solvent-based systems based on polyurethane.

Due to the particularly high activity of dimethyltin dineodecanoate catalysts, they can for example be used at half the dosage required for dibutyltin dilaurate based systems. It can also be used for the processing of RT silicones in sealants. Another application can be found in adhesives and curing agents used with wall anchors. Dimethyltin dineodecanoate is not only effective as a catalyst, it also works as a stabilizer for some polyurethanes.


Dimethyltin Dineodecanoate



BNT Produktname



Dimethyltin neodecanoate 10
Neodecanoic acid 480
Dimethyl tin neodecanoate
Dimethylbis((1-oxoneodecyl) oxy-stannane
1-(dimethylstannylene) ester

Transport and Storage

Dimethyltin dineodecanoate is supplied in various containers, for example in drums with a polyethylene liner or directly in polyethylene drums. When closed in the original packaging there is a minimum shelf life of 6 months without any loss of quality.