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Dimethyl Tin Dilaurate

Organotin Catalyst and Stabilizer

Dimethyl tin dilaurate is an organotin compound with a very high tin content and a characteristic odor. It is a paste at room temperature and used as a catalyst and stabilizer.

A dimethyl tin dilaurate catalyst is for example used in the production of polyurethanes and silicone rubber, as well as in the production of elastomeric moldings based on polyurethane or polyurea. It is a curing catalyst and a sealing agent.

Dimethyl tin dilaurate is used as a stabilizer in PVC plastics, especially when high light stability is required. Due to these properties, it is also used for the production of light-resistant, possibly foamed, elastic polyurethane moldings…


Dimethyl Tin Dilaurate



BNT Produktname



Dimethyltin dilaurate
Dimethyl stannane diyl didodecanoate
(Dodecanoyloxy)dimethylstannyl dodecanoate

Transport and Storage

Dimethyl tin dilaurate is supplied in lacquered jugs or barrels. Alternatively, polyethylene containers can be used. In sealed original packaging, the catalyst can be stored for at least 6 months without fear of a loss of quality.