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Diisopropyl Aluminum Ethylacetoacetate

Crosslinking Catalyst and Additive for Coatings and Coatings

Diisopropyl aluminum ethylacetoacetate is a colorless to slightly yellowish liquid with viscous consistency. It has its own characteristic smell, is not soluble and very low mixable in water.

As an additive in clear varnishes, diisopropyl aluminum ethylacetoacetate can improve the gloss and hardness of the resulting surface as well as prevent unevenness. Resistance to alkalis and weather influences such as heat and water is also increased. In addition, it can have an amplifying effect on the adhesive force and improve the bearing resistance of the paints.

Another field of application of diisopropyl aluminum ethylacetoacetate is the catalysis of cross-linking Epoxy, alkyd, polyester or silicone resins.


Diisopropyl Aluminum Ethylacetoacetate



BNT Product Name



Di (ethyl acetoacetate) aluminum diisopropyl
Acetoacetate ethyl aluminum diisopropyl


Diisopropyl aluminum ethylacetoacetate should be stored dry and cool in closed containers. Use only the original containers. Storage rooms should be well ventilated and the products protected from humidity and water.